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What can I do if my credit card is broken or damaged?

If your credit card has been broken/damaged or your signature is blurred or faded, you should order replacement as soon as it possible because your bankcard may be captured by cash machine or refused in shops.
To get a new card contact your bank-issuer. As usually, it will take 2 working days. Card will be delivered to address that bank holds on our records for account. Requests involving new PIN take one more day.

If bankcard is broken, blurred or faded, cardholder has several options to replace it.
- Contact the nearest branch or call the customer service.
- Online through the system of remote banking service (Online Banking).

When client receives his/her replacement card, he/she must sign the back of new card immediately and damage the old one.
If cardholder needs his/her bankcard replaced more quickly, he/she can use bank's instant replacement service.

What should I do if my credit card doesn't work?

There are some reasons why your bankcard isn't working when you're trying to withdraw cash or make a payment.

In store/in ATM
- Check your balance and make sure you have enough money.
- Temporary system problem can have prevented authorization or the bankcard details have been input wrongly by retailer (try again).
- PIN cannot be working.

Using card online
- Some card payments require a 2nd level of security validation (Verified by Visa, for example). You may have forgotten your password.
- Client has entered his/her card details incorrectly. So try again later and enter details exactly as they appear on a bankcard.
- A system error can have prevented online transactions from being processed (try again).

If the card doesn't work, you can call the customer service or contact a branch.

My bankcard expires soon...
You'll get your new card around 1 month before the current card expires. Your new bankcard number will be different. Therefore, if you've registered old credit card's details for regular payments or with online shopping sites, contact these companies and give your new bankcard details.
Banks let their clients know if they need to activate their new cards before using (when banks send new cards), otherwise clients can use their cards as soon as they receive them.

How to change my PIN?
If it's hard for you to remember your new PIN, you can choose another combination of numbers. Cardholder can change PIN at most cash machines. Insert your credit card into cash machine and enter old PIN - select "PIN services" (it's in the screen menu) - select the option "Select new PIN" - choose new combination that wouldn't simply be guessed by others (don't use 1234, 1111 etc.).

2015.07.15 Olivia D.
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