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The number of days between statement dates. Usually this is 25-31 days.

  TripRewards® MasterCard®
  by Bank of America

  TripRewards® MasterCard® Credit Cards by Bank of America
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TripRewards® MasterCard®

issued by Bank of America

Consumer Excellent/Good Points


TripRewards® is the world's largest hotel rewards program with over 6,000 hotels across the U.S. and Canada. Use your TripRewards® MasterCard® credit card everywhere you go and you won't believe how quickly the points add up!

Purchases:   Balance Transfers:   Cash Advances:
Introductory APR: none   0%   0%%
Introductory Period: none   12 months   12 months
Ongoing APR: 9.9%   9.9%   19.99%
Default APR: 24.99%   24.99%   24.99%
Minimum Grace Period: 20 days   20 days   none
Minimum Finance

Transaction Fees

Balance Transfer:   Cash Advance:   Foreign Exchange:
Minimum: $10   $10   none
Fee Rate: 3%   3%   3%
Maximum: none   none   none

Other Fees

Initial:   Maintenance:   Penalty:
Setup: $0   Annual: $0   Late Payment: $15


Details of TripRewards® MasterCard® by Bank of America

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