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Visa Inc. is a multinational financial services corporation. It simplifies electronic funds transfers all over the world, usually through Visa-branded debit and credit cards. Visa provides different financial institutions with branded payment products, which they use to offer prepaid, debit, credit or cash-access programs to clients.

Visa constantly works to offer easier and secure payment options. Visa's range of credit cards helps issuers to give their clients flexibility, safety, convenience, and control. Miscellaneous number of available programs means customers can get the credit card best suited to all their needs. Unique features include cashback, loyalty reward schemes, retailer offers, air miles, or simply an acceptable interest rate.

Visa has developed innovative payment services: Visa contactless, Visa Personal Payments, by Visa and Visa mobile contactless. Thus Visa holders can pay, securely and simply, in person, over the phone, through the mail or online. Customers can keep track of their spending and can manage their money.

Visa Credit Card can help clients to better manage their money, and gives them a safety net for different unexpected payments.

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